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How Colon Care Promotes Colon Health

The colon is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract. It absorbs water and nutrients from food, and eliminates toxins from the blood, intestines, and lymph. In the colon, water and salts from partially digested food are absorbed. Whatever remains is sent out from the colon into the rectal and out through the anal. Thus, the colon is the wastebasket of the human body.

A congested colon looks bloated and stretched with waste matter that can cause “self-poisoning.” Without a colon cleanse, the body functions will slow down, which will eventually lead to total system breakdown. Hence, it is important to help the colon eliminate waste to reduce the risks for colon diseases like colo-rectal cancer. However, only the proper colon care can stop colon neglect.

Know the Signs of Colon Congestion Warning

Colon congestion would make most people feel physical and mental strain. Poor colon functions can cause symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea. Colon congestion also make men and women strain to have a bowel movement. Other individuals could suffer from chronic abdominal discomfort and unexplained blood in the stool or weight loss.

Constipation can lead to “auto-intoxication,” which means that toxins and waste, which should have been expelled, will be reabsorbed in the body’s system. Then the congested waste accumulates on the lining of the intestine, which, in time, will become a thickened fecal matter. Once the mucoid plaque forms, the self-poisoning begins. Mucoid plaque is also a known cause of severe bloating, a condition that can lead to other colon diseases, which can lead to colon cancer.

Look closely at the eyes. Clear and vibrant irises mean good health condition. However, a muddy or yellowish tint could be a sign for colon congestion.

Colon Care Clears Colon Congestion

Colon care can begin with short-term fasting. Fasting is voluntarily eliminating food from one’s diet for a length of time in order to get rid of toxic substances in the body. Elimination diets such as juice fasts, miso soup fasts, and vegetable fasts can boost a weak colon. Start with a one day fast on a weekend. A short-term fast can help empty the remains of all the junk-food cravings. The process can even lead an individual to adopt a healthier eating habit.

Colon hydrotherapy is a colon care that can relieve constipation, stomach pains or small, hard, lumpy stools. Hydrotherapy uses warm and purified water to help clear congestion of fecal, gas, and mucus from the colon. Also called colonic irrigation, it is known to cure conditions such as gas, bloating, and constipation.

Enemas are commonly used as a cure for constipation. A small amount of purified water is flushed though the anus into the rectum to clear the bowel. The method is known to be effective for loosening fecal matter in the lower portion of the intestine. Likewise, laxatives cause the intestine to contract to help waste move out the body. Oral colon cleanse systems also soften the stool, but they carry with them a risk of dehydration.

Colon care products like laxatives are often the quick fix for many people when they are constipated or bloated. However, there are better methods for cleaning body waste. Oxygen-based colon cleansers thoroughly remove waste and mucoid plaque on the intestine walls. These are colon care products that uses activated oxygen to clear colon congestion by oxidizing the toxins and waste that the body had failed to move out.

A colon cleanse can result in bowel movements that are liquid in composition and some gas. The liquid wastes were once compacted wastes that have been oxidized naturally.

Health Begins in the Colon

The colon has been referred to as the body’s wastebasket. It is the place where the body stores toxins and wastes. Hence, a colon cleanse is important to eliminate waste and to reduce the risks of developing diseases. Aside from that, congested toxins and wastes can cause acne, bad breath, fatigue and weight gain.

When the colon is healthy, breath smells fresh, energy level is high, and digestive tract has no waste buildup. A clean colon can help prevent health problems from hemorrhoids, to obesity, to cancer. Proper colon care can keep the colon clean and waste matter free from harmful bacteria and parasites.

Colon care center offers colonic treatments with holistic, proactive health care and maintenance. A colonic therapy with infrared sauna treatment could reduce a bloated stomach and the level of gas. “Health begins in the colon,” says Dr. Edward Group III, the author of The Green Body Cleanse. Healthy colon is the key to a good health, well being, and a much longer life.

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How Big Is Your Sexual Ornament?

According to Geoffrey Miller, author of The Mating Mind, in evolutionary terms, the mind “… makes most sense as an entertainment system designed to stimulate other brains …” (p. 155) … but what is he referring to?

Well all species develop what are called ‘sexual ornaments’ to display their fitness as a mate.  Take a peacock for example.  His elaborate display of feathers is a sexual ornament which demonstrates the health of his body and, by implication, his genes.

There are a couple of features to sexual ornaments worth mentioning.  First of all they display fitness because they invest excess resources in order to develop them.  If our male peacock was ill or unable to forage successfully, his plumage would not be so symmetrical or ornate.  He would be using all the resources he had available simply to survive.  So a sexual ornament, in evolutionary terms, demonstrates fitness over and above that which is simply needed to survive.

Second, it is usually the males who develop the most ornate sexual ornaments in order to attract the females to mate with.  In biology, the males are ‘the salesmen’ and females ‘sales resistant’.  But surely this is not true in humans? Think again.

Well according to Miller this might indeed be the case.  In fact it could be argued that the human mind itself is a sexual ornament designed simply for the seduction of a mate.  With the human mind we have the capacity to go beyond simple physical sensory appeal.  Our brains work with ideas and concepts, things that could, if developed, be used to display sexual fitness as a sexual ornament.

If you are struggling to survive you may have fewer spare resources available for the development of the intellect.  A man, who has the leisure to develop his interests, creativity and compete in a wide variety of activities, is demonstrating his excess of resources.  It is argued that such abilities and capacities can, in themselves, be seen as the human male equivalent of the peacock’s feathers.  Our minds, in other words, are there to develop and woo the opposite sex with a dazzling demonstration of competence in the higher pursuits.  Some activities perhaps, like being a pop musician, sportsman, or even stand up comedian, attract more competition from males for this reason.

So if I ask ‘how big is your sexual ornamentation’, don’t necessarily think below the belt, or size of your muscles, think of your successes in business, your profession, the arts, and even how you tell a joke or sing a song.  In evolutionary terms, the art of courtship in humans goes much further than the body beautiful.  In fact it can quickly transcend it.  Which is perhaps why good looking men develop no personality, and the best stand up comedians look like clowns?

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The World Cup And Testosterone

Women are often baffled by men’s reactions to sport.  Indeed some men are baffled too.  As the World Cup will soon be upon us, and the nations euphoria will build on mass before, no doubt, we have to console ourselves at the loss of yet another penalty shoot out, I thought it might be useful to reflect on what’s going on … in our brains.
football fans
The key to understanding men’s reactions to the World Cup, or any sport for that matter, is testosterone.  From as early as being an unborn child, testosterone shapes and dominates men’s brains.  It literally kills off ‘female’ parts of the brain, and builds the male brain that will seek out beautiful girls … and sport.  So how is testosterone implicated in sport?

Researchers have found that leading up to a competition; men’s brains become flooded with testosterone.  This is the same whether we are competing or simply watching.  The testosterone gives us our sense of excited anticipation, but it also gives us a belief that our team cannot lose.  Given that our brains evolved over millions of years, it’s easy to see why such excitement and confidence could give us an advantage.  Going to hunt or war is going to be more successful if fuelled by excitement and self confidence.

Researchers have also found that if we, or our team, should win, our testosterone levels fly through the roof.  This is a natural high, not dissimilar to cocaine, and it’s addictive.  The natural high these elevated levels of testosterone give us makes us behave with a cockiness and self assuredness that can drive women bonkers.  Women have a testosterone rush with sport too, but with only about 10% of the testosterone of what a man gets, even the keenest women isn’t going to view the World Cup in the same way as a man.  As a result, this part of being a man is permanently off limits to women … they just don’t get it.

You can see this male typical behaviour down the pub.  The excitement and confidence make us wear silly hats and face paint and we bond with our fellow supporters.  The modern equivalent of hunting the wild boar.  If we win … happy days … our testosterone soars and we party on the high.  As our team progresses through the World Cup with (hopefully) win after win, you can see the effects of this group narcosis everywhere, in the proud display of flags and national colours.

But what if we lose?  Well I guess we’ve all experienced that flat feeling when the final score comes in.  The game is over.  All hope has gone.  We have lost.  Men silently finish their drinks and mooch off home feeling despondent, often for days at a time.  It is as if your emotional world has just collapsed.  Why is this?  Well researchers have found that if our team should loose, our testosterone levels also collapse.  As a result, the fuel for the natural high dries up, making is sullen and unresponsive.  We experience a mild depression and self doubt. We even lose interest in sex.  This is a hormonal crisis for men.  A sort of male PMT.

Because women don’t experience the high, they can’t relate to the low either.  Any attempts to explain your feeling of despondency is bound to fail.  Women are biologically not equipped to ‘get’ what we are going through.  The best thing to do is disappear off to the shed for a few days, and wait for our hormones to get back to normal.  Space and time will heal; just let her know that’s what you need.

But what if we don’t lose, what if we actually win the World Cup?  Well we can expect a testosterone high that we will last for months.  The nations feel good factor will skyrocket.  It might even boost our economic output.  Eventually, of course, our bodies will return to normal.  But we will remember the testosterone fuelled euphoria for the rest of our lives.  I hope we win.

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How to Stay Healthy all day With a Balanced Breakfast and Snacks

Staying healthy can be hard. Between long work hours and stress on top of the demands of one’s family, it’s no wonder people are struggling mentally and emotionally, which can lead to the deterioration of a person’s physical health.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. People can manage themselves day-by-day with a routine that covers half a day and carries over into the rest of it. The key is how a day begins.

Start the Day With a Micro Workout

How one starts his or her day is crucial. If one’s first inclination is to grab a donut, it’ll only be a a few minutes in the office before a cup of coffee is needed. This is because sugar and caffeine are substances that people come to depend on.

However, when a person does a small workout (or a micro workout) the body can become invigorated as blood pumps more steadily, one’s muscles swell up, and a little healthy adrenaline comes to sharpen the senses.

A micro workout can include one, or a combination, of the following:

  • several minutes of stretches
  • toe touches
  • crunches
  • push-ups
  • squats
  • calf raises
  • boxing combinations
  • karate kicks

The best part of starting a day healthy is that just as a donut may lead to coffee, exercise can lead to a healthier breakfast.

Breakfast is a Very Important Meal

Properly fueling up for work should involve a healthy diet that consists of several food groups. Toast, turkey bacon, egg whites, and orange juice is a good combination. A bowl of cereal can do the trick as well.

After a small workout, it would be a waste to down a Diet Coke and all of its caffeine, or a regular Coke and all of its sugar and caffeine.

A balanced breakfast will include carbohydrates and protein. The carbs will produce energy until lunchtime while the protein works to stave off hunger while the energy is still there to burn. For those who enjoy eating, packing healthy snacks can make a big difference.

Pack Healthy Snacks for Work

As the day goes on it is important to remember that eating is important. While there are a lot of healthy snacks and 100-calorie-pack options, don’t forget that fruits and vegetables are snacks that really cannot be overdone.

Packing separate containers for fruits and vegetables can not only make the day more enjoyable, but it can also inspire co-workers to do the same. The latter is more of a peripheral bonus, but it’s great none-the-less.

The point here is that when the stomach is empty and the body needs food, it will call to be filled. After a small workout and a balanced breakfast, it is not hard to keep up the good work by snacking healthy. Afterward, and in between, it isn’t so bad to indulge a little. In fact, indulging is a good thing. It is when the indulgences are the norm that one can become unhealthy.

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Are You One Of The 6 In 10?

As a blogger on men’s mental health, I’m often struck by the difficulty some men find admitting they have a problem they can’t resolve themselves.  I think some of this is cultural.  As a society we don’t treat mental health as seriously as we should.  The NHS services for mental health are often seen as the Cinderella services, receiving the least funding and overwhelming demand.    I think it’s also something about men.  Our instinct when faced with an emotional crisis is to retire to the ‘garden shed’ and try and work it out for ourselves.  But we can’t always do it on our own.
mental health
Mental health problems affect the majority of us at some point in our lives.  A recent survey by the mental health charity Together found that 6 out of 10 Britain’s have had a period of their life when  they have found it difficult to cope mentally.  70% had suffered from stress, 59% had suffered from anxiety, and 55% from depression.

As a professional I know that it is much easier to treat disorders like stress, anxiety and depression if men present early.  All too often men present after years of suffering, which makes treatment longer, more complicated and more expensive.

Men who present early make the quickest recovery.  What’s more, the mental health skills they learn mean they are better able to cope with future problems much more effectively.  Modern treatments for things like stress, anxiety and depression are not just about helping with the current problem, but teach the skills and knowledge you need to prevent it from happening again.  I’m struck by the number of men that say to me ‘why wasn’t I taught this before’, or ‘everybody should know about this’.

My advice if you are finding it difficult to cope right now is get the right advice early.  What you learn may mean the next time you go to the garden shed to reflect on a problem, you have the right tools to know what to do with it.

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