Q. Would you recommend Viagra for increasing the libido in a man who can get an erection but has trouble with sex drive?

A. Viagra works by increasing the blood flow to the penis and in effect producing a stronger erection. Unfortunately, it requires the user to supply the desire. for sexual relations (libido). Viagra alone will not increase libido.

In general, men with a decreased sex drive have either a physiologic issue or a hormonal imbalance. When I see a man with this complaint I spend time trying to identify stressful social issues like problems with work or money. Also, I make sure the patient is not using alcohol or drugs (marijuana, cocaine), which can depress the sex drive. If there are signs of mood depression and stress, these can often be relieved with the help of a psychiatrist.

In addition, men need a hormone called testosterone to fuel the sex drive. Therefore, I always check testosterone level with a blood test when I see a patient with this complaint. Normal levels are between 270ng/ml and 1,200ng/ml. If the level is low, this hormone can be replaced by injection or transdermal patches; your physician can help.

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