They say immaculate grooming doesn’t grow on trees so Movember (formally known as the month of November) is when the shaver gets put away and the top lip is allowed to run wild with a fantastic moustache, to raise money for men’s health issues like prostate cancer and depression.

History of Movember

Movember is a yearly charity event which was started in Australia by a group of friends to raise awareness and money for men’s mental and physical health. Beginning with only 30 people involved, Movember has expanded to over 128,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in Australia alone, and has extended throughout the world, including to New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Ireland.

Charities of Movember

Focusing specifically on men’s health issues, Movember money raised in Australia is shared equally between programs targeting prostate cancer through Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and male depression, through Beyond Blue.

How to Get Involved in Movember

While raising funds by asking for donation is the main way gathering funds are achieved many people hold bake sales, car boot sales, morning teas or Mo parties that require a gold coin donation. Some choose to have a shaving party that requires a donation to ensure everyone is clean shaven for the start of Movember. Some choose to sideline themselves and act as support for the Mo-Growers and leave the immaculate grooming of fine moustachery to others – most agree that is only sporting for these people to throw a coin or two in the growers direction.

The community can get involved by donations through the Movember website where you can donate to an individual, team or as a general donation or by signing up yourself to raise funds. Both men (Mo Bros) and Women (Mo Sistas) can get involved.

The Fun of Movember

Movember is an excellent way of raising funds for such serious issues as prostate cancer and men’s depression while having fun. Around the world, gala parties are held to celebrate the end of Movember and the money raised for depression and cancer. Friendly Mo competitions are held between friends.

There are also official Movember competitions and prizes based on individual Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who raise the most amount of money, as well as team based goal. Competitions are also held at the Gala party for best Mo Bro and Mo Sista costume, The Man of Movember with the best Mo, the The Lame Mo for the worst one as well as The Ultimate Mo for the Mo that is judged best at the gala event.

For Top Mo Tips visit The Lodge on the Movember website.

Overall, all Movember is a fun event to be involved with that raises awareness for very serious men’s health issues.

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