Staying healthy can be hard. Between long work hours and stress on top of the demands of one’s family, it’s no wonder people are struggling mentally and emotionally, which can lead to the deterioration of a person’s physical health.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. People can manage themselves day-by-day with a routine that covers half a day and carries over into the rest of it. The key is how a day begins.

Start the Day With a Micro Workout

How one starts his or her day is crucial. If one’s first inclination is to grab a donut, it’ll only be a a few minutes in the office before a cup of coffee is needed. This is because sugar and caffeine are substances that people come to depend on.

However, when a person does a small workout (or a micro workout) the body can become invigorated as blood pumps more steadily, one’s muscles swell up, and a little healthy adrenaline comes to sharpen the senses.

A micro workout can include one, or a combination, of the following:

  • several minutes of stretches
  • toe touches
  • crunches
  • push-ups
  • squats
  • calf raises
  • boxing combinations
  • karate kicks

The best part of starting a day healthy is that just as a donut may lead to coffee, exercise can lead to a healthier breakfast.

Breakfast is a Very Important Meal

Properly fueling up for work should involve a healthy diet that consists of several food groups. Toast, turkey bacon, egg whites, and orange juice is a good combination. A bowl of cereal can do the trick as well.

After a small workout, it would be a waste to down a Diet Coke and all of its caffeine, or a regular Coke and all of its sugar and caffeine.

A balanced breakfast will include carbohydrates and protein. The carbs will produce energy until lunchtime while the protein works to stave off hunger while the energy is still there to burn. For those who enjoy eating, packing healthy snacks can make a big difference.

Pack Healthy Snacks for Work

As the day goes on it is important to remember that eating is important. While there are a lot of healthy snacks and 100-calorie-pack options, don’t forget that fruits and vegetables are snacks that really cannot be overdone.

Packing separate containers for fruits and vegetables can not only make the day more enjoyable, but it can also inspire co-workers to do the same. The latter is more of a peripheral bonus, but it’s great none-the-less.

The point here is that when the stomach is empty and the body needs food, it will call to be filled. After a small workout and a balanced breakfast, it is not hard to keep up the good work by snacking healthy. Afterward, and in between, it isn’t so bad to indulge a little. In fact, indulging is a good thing. It is when the indulgences are the norm that one can become unhealthy.

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