All the really exciting developments in therapy these days make claim to the title ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ or CBT.  It’s a great therapy that helps you to understand the relationship between how you think and how you feel.  I know from my own practice, that for those clients that are open to the approach, they can make rapid improvements.  What about those clients that are unable, or unwilling, to visit a therapist?  Well there is an alternative in the form of online self help courses known as computerised CBT.

Do the courses work?  What is interesting is that these online courses appear to get good results, particularly for mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression.  In fact the government agency, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, approve a number of courses that are available free through the NHS with a GP referral – well that’s in theory, as uptake by Primary Care Trusts is sporadic.

If you want a good free course that doesn’t involve getting your G.P. involved, I can recommend “Living Life to the Full” a Scottish Government funded site for depression, anxiety and life skills.  It has supported nearly 100 000 people.

Is the course for you?  Well for many men, working away ‘in our caves’ or the modern equivalent ‘the potting shed’ on our problems is our instinctive first line of defence when faced with any difficulty.  This course holds the benefit that only you need know that you have a problem, and you can get practical help and support without anybody else getting involved.  This is great if your problems are relatively mild and of recent onset.  If your problems are more severe and/or chronic, I would still recommend the course, but I would also seek the help of a skilled professional.  It might be more difficult to start with, but you will ultimately benefit from the one on one support and encouragement.

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