You’re a man who just turned 40 and are looking for a weight loss programthat will show you the best way to lose weight. It could also be that you’ve been over 40 for some time and a recent event in your life made you consider for the first time, a structured diet plan. The good news is that you are looking to do something about your weight and you really should find a weight loss program that you can live with for the rest of your life.

Men over 40 must eat wisely to achieve weight loss goals

Food is going to be an important part of your changing dietary habits. We find ourselves getting off track due to our schedules, starting from our teens through our 40th year. You are going to need to learn to eat conscientiously again. Your weight loss programshould consist of the right foods, at the right times, and most importantly prepared the right way.

The first task is to realize that you are probably not eating enough. Going all day and finally eating a large dinner or skipping breakfast are two of the most common mistakes men make before starting their weight loss programs. Training yourself to eat means taking time to make sure you get your meals in, including two or three snacks a day.

Good weight loss programs for men over 40will give you the number of calories that your body needs everyday to live. Their diet plan will instruct you on how to prepare your snacks ahead of time so that you can grab them before you run out the door for work. The best weight loss programs will make it easy to make the right choices at a lunch or dinner with your client when you eat out at a restaurant.

Recommended weight loss programs

A study entitled “A Dietary Quality Comparison of Popular Weight-Loss Plan” in the October 2007 issue (Vol 107, Issue 10) of Journal of the American Dietetic Association compared the attributes of eight weight loss plans which were chosen by their popularity as determined by The New York Times Bestseller list. The eight weight loss programs were, The New Glucose Revolution, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet phases two and three, Dean Ornish Eat More, Weigh Less and Zone diets as well as Weight Watchers because it is the largest commercial weight loss plan. The USDA 2005 Food Guide Pyramid was also included since it is the current government-issued guideline (until the new guidelines are released in Fall 2010).

The study by Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD concluded, “the vegetarian Ornish diet comes in first, followed by Weight Watchers High Carbohydrate and The New Glucose Revolution. The Atkins Diet finishes in last place and the 2005 Food Guide Pyramid ends up somewhere in the middle.”

The two best diets chosen require you to eat a higher fiber diet consisting of mainly fresh vegetables and whole grains. They focused on the dietary guidelines of the government’s new food pyramid, the Alternate Healthy Eating Index (AHEI), to determine the best able guide to prevent cardiovascular disease and sustainable weight control.

The older we get the harder it is to lose weight. That is why a weight loss program for men over 40 needs to be looked at more as a lifestyle change. With all the information out there you really need to think about finding a weight loss program that will give you a solid structure to follow. Having a definite diet plan that you commit to will allow you to achieve better weight loss than those without a plan. In the beginning, let the little successes motivate you to continue your quest to change your body for the better. Remember that commercial weight loss programs can help because of the tools they have such as journals and member forums with people to talk to keep you motivated.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of men who are 40+ who are dealing with the desire to lose weight and keep themselves healthy. Hopefully you will be one of the ones who are successful at reaching your weight loss goals and sustaining them for once and for all.

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