When a person exercises, it is necessary for that person to maintain a level of cleanliness for the sake of health and comfort. There are a variety of ways to stay clean, fresh, and to avoid becoming unpleasant to be around. Antiperspirants help to prevent sweating from occurring, while deodorants mask or inhibit bacterial activity. Soaps may kill bacteria, provide a fresh smell and remove dirt. Shampoos clean and freshen hair, while shaving accessories keep a person’s face (or legs) smooth. In any event, any athlete needs some combination of personal care products.

Many fungal infections, such as jock rash may occur if proper hygienic standards are not maintained. Areas of the body become moist and warm during exercise. Unfortunately, fungus prefers such an environment to exist. To prevent this from happening, thorough cleansing and efforts made to maintain a dry environment are recommended.

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