Anaerobic Exercise

Before starting any exercise program, talk with your doctor. You might also consult a fitness expert who can give you the how-to pointers on avoiding muscle strain and injury for your chosen sport.

Weight Training

Weight training serves as the archetype of anaerobic exercise. Intended to increase muscular strength, as opposed to cardiovascular endurance, this form of exercise is immensely popular within the United States and is even an Olympic sport.

Weight training is solid method for preventing muscle atrophy, especially in women. In particular, studies on women’s bones have shown that weight training can reduce the occurance or severity of the bone disease called osteoporosis–a condition that is common in elderly women.

Essentially, weight training is solid method for preventing muscle atrophy, especially in women. When performed at moderate levels, this form of exercise can be very beneficial to a person’s physical well being and can have emotional benefits.


Tennis is somewhat of a hybrid, similar to swimming, in that it combines elements of aerobic and anaerobic activity. Muscles in the upper and lower body become strengthened while the limited amount of running involved strengthens the heart. It is also very popular. Tennis is one of the most widely played sports in North America and Europe.

In order to play at the maximum level, tennis requires a unique blend of strength and agility. While it is advantageous to possess strong arms in order to produce a better serve, it is also necessary to be agile in order to run down the ball. As a result, players often train by both running and working out in the weight room. Consequently, tennis promotes both cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

Football and Baseball

Football and baseball are somewhat curious in nature. The sports themselves are mainly anaerobic when performed, yet much of the training for them is aerobic. Running, in both of these sports, is one major key to a player’s success. A football player must sprint in order to outpace his opponents, while a baseball player must sprint to catch a ball or to round the bases.

Football players, for instance, undergo a rigorous aerobic training routine. Often, they perform distance running in order to build up endurance. This is in combination with strength and impact training that are better known in the sport. Baseball players also must be good runners, as much of the sport involves running in order to win.

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