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6 Fitness Tips for Men

fitness tips for men

Little Known Ways to Healthy Living

Domestic responsibilities and sedentary desk jobs have made men exclude health fitness activities on a regular basis. Because of the absence of men’s fitness exercise, health risks like chronic disease, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, and osteoporosis, struck men and women alike.

Committing to a healthier lifestyle means becoming active, eating nutritious food and generally making better life choices. Investing time in health and fitness is a lot like maintaining a savings account. There can be substantial gain, not after one year, but over time.

In this age of high pressures and processed foods, a road to healthy living starts with the following easy and encouraging health fitness tips for men to consider fitness first.

Steps to Healthy Living

Fitness Assessment

Take a fitness assessment test. This string of tests will help determine the level of health and physical form of a person based on lifestyle and health history. Use results as the guide to create in creating a personal fitness program that includes aerobic conditioning, flexibility, and strength training. The objective of the personal health and wellness program is to develop and maintain appropriate level of physical fitness.

Fitness Exercise

Consult a professional fitness trainer on the design of the fitness exercise program, which the instructor must design around the fitness assessment result. Include cardiovascular exercises, such as fitness walking or fitness aerobics. A great cardiovascular exercise workout helps improve coordination, agility, and muscular endurance. A resistance training exercises help tone muscles and working with weights will increase lean body mass or muscle.

Fitness Coaching

Mindset is important, as well as education and self-motivation. Fitness coaching provides professional knowledge, supervises the workout program, and encourages a fun, safe and effective workout. Fitness coaching can fine-tune the program to achieve better results, to make it personal for a man to be able to do it at his own pace. Fitness coaching can motivate a man to get in the right frame of mind on making smarter food choices and incorporating long walks into the morning and evening commute.

Fitness Nutrition

Real life wellness begins with healthy eating habits. These include changing a man’s eating habits—not his diet—to eating healthier foods such as greener, leafier vegetables and fresh fruits each day, cutting down on salt intake and cutting out starches and sweets, and drinking lots of water. Daily servings of whole grain foods help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Switch from high fat to low fat diet—regular milk to skim milk and regular cheese to light cheese.

Fitness Lifestyle

Life is too short for it to be all beer and skittles. Lifestyle changes can start with small things in the comfort of a man’s home. Fitness lifestyles promote healthy mind, body, and spirit. Fitness lifestyles can include fun, low impact workout with the family. These fun exercises at home are perfect ways to stay in shape and spend time with family members. The camaraderie of a team atmosphere and buddy system can relieve stress and leave a man feeling centered and calm. Exercise at home and fitness walking are ways to promote kids fitness and fitness exercise that will serve children throughout their lives.

Fitness Commitment

Commit to healthy lifestyle behaviors to stay fit. Write down fitness goals; short-term and long-term goals, never mind how indistinct these are, doing something is a lot better than doing nothing. A short-term goal is modest and represents a number of steps beyond current life style and behavior, while a long-term goal is the finish line—how a man sees himself in six months, in a year or two. Start out slowly and try to progress each week from moderate to vigorous. Remember that healthy living brings substantial health benefits that include chronic disease prevention, like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, and osteoporosis.

The primary benefit of a healthy living is increased physical independence. It is never too late to commit to a healthier lifestyle—fitness nutrition, fitness exercise, fitness sports, and fitness life style. It is never too late to decrease risk of heart attack, lower bad cholesterol in the blood, reduce risk of cancer and diabetes, avoid the need for gallstone surgery, reduce risk of hip fracture, and prevent depression, colon cancer, constipation, osteoporosis, and impotence. Therefore, keep fitness first and keep it steady.

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Yoga for “the Boys”

yoga for men

Men Turn to Hatha Yoga to Improve Athletic Performance in Team Sport

The days when yoga was regarded as “a practice for women, wimps or spiritual escapists” may be ending.

Thomas Claire, who referred to this old view of yoga in Yoga for Men (Franklin Lakes NJ: The Career Press 2004), is one of a number of writers who consider that yoga can offer many benefits to athletes engaged in other sports.

While acknowledging the modern role of women in some traditionally “macho” pursuits, sports such as American football and rugby have been dominated by men and by particular strength and skill-oriented training regimes, not including “bodywork” practices such as Pilates and yoga.

This is despite the fact that throughout much of yoga history (according to Claire), “many of its practices, particularly the physical postures of hatha yoga, were reserved exclusively for male practitioners”. (Hatha yoga emphasizes physical postures, breath control and meditation).

So why are sportsmen coming back to yoga? Here are some of the possible benefits.

1. Rehabilitation. Most commonly, football players will come to yoga after having suffered an injury. Frequently injuries occur because as muscles become more rigid, other muscles compensate and can be overused. Less seriously, teams may engage in a yoga session on a Monday after a hard game on the weekend. Some “Super 14” professional rugby teams in New Zealand have adopted this practice.

2. Flexibility, strength, alignment and balance. In the Martial Artist’s Book of Yoga, Lily Chou (Berkeley: Ulysses Press, 2005) observes that the range of motion of spine and hips are key to fluidity, speed and power. (Fluidity and “snappiness” are also important in boxing).

The type of strength developed in yoga teaches muscles to work equally and efficiently. The practitioner learns how to relax muscles that are not required. Alignment practice improves response times and awareness of centre of gravity. Particularly for the martial arts, balance postures support such moves as one-legged spin kicks.

3. Body and Spatial Awareness. Yoga allows the sportsperson to understand his body’s strengths and weaknesses, so that the weaknesses can be “worked on” over time. The postures also develop a sense, common in dancers and gymnasts, of where the body is in space, important knowledge on the playing field when throwing or attempting to receive a pass.

4. Mental Focus. Sportspeople, especially professionals, often play in less than optimal conditions. “Away games” can mean enduring a lot of abuse from fans of the home team. Weather conditions may not be optimal. Yoga breathing techniques, even if more formal meditation is not included, provide valuable practice in eliminating distractions and focusing on the task at hand. With focus, game-breaking decisions can be made quickly when they need to be.

The practice of yoga has the potential to offer real improvements to athletic performance. There is, however, a caution. In yoga, perhaps more than other pursuits, finding a good teacher is important, whether to provide one-on-one sessions or to teach a class. It is easy to simply go through the motions in yoga, or alternatively to over-extend or misalign the body. The breathing and focusing of the mind is also something that requires proper instruction and practice.

With a well trained teacher to provide support and inspiration, and regular practice, adding yoga to a training regime may just provide the edge that makes the difference.

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