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Tips on Healthy Living for Middle-Aged Men

Middle-aged Men

Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Optimum Health

Optimum health starts with a man’s observance of good habits—healthy thoughts, choices, and actions that include moderate eating, proper rest and sleep, adequate exercise and sunlight, natural supplements, and harmonious relations.

Giving up smoking, which is a self-imposed pollution, lowers risk of developing lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema and heart attacks. Sense of taste and smell will improve and breathing becomes easy.

Here, then, are health tips to promote high-level of health, which middle-aged men can put to practice today because tomorrow can be late.

Diet and Lifestyle Leading to a Healthy Living

Healthy Eating Habits

Eat foods that are high in fiber. Fibers have cholesterol-lowering properties and are present in most fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. A balanced diet includes carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers. A “Cut Down on” sugar intake will help prevent glucose intolerance, and tooth decay.

Since middle-aged men are salt-sensitive, use less salt and sauces in cooking as salt causes body to retain water, which may lead to high blood pressure. Use spices and herbs to flavor food instead of soya, tomato, or chili sauces. Avoid canned or salted foods. Instead, use fresh meat and vegetables.

Eat less fatty food to reduce risk of heart disease. Trim away all fat and skin from meat before cooking. Do not eat more than 2 to 3 eggs a week. Boil, bake, grill, roast or stew food instead of deep-fry. Use margarine in place of butter.

The human body needs fiber for healthy digestion. Eating more cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables prevent constipation. Avoid creamy cakes and pastries.

Drink at least eight of 8oz. of water daily to help flush out impurities from the systems. Limit alcohol intake to moderate. Alcohol abuse is the culprit behind high blood pressure and heart disease.

Natural Dietary Supplements

Food nutrients are essential for cell growth for the body to function efficiently. Daily calcium supplement is a critical factor in the prevention of osteoporosis in men. Beans, and dried peas, bean curd and soya, and leafy green vegetables are good sources of calcium.

Middle-aged men have greater risks in developing cardiovascular diseases. A daily supplement of vitamins C and E, carotenoids, as well as omega-3 fish oil promotes healthy cardiovascular functions, and normal cell growth.

Physicians of Channing Laboratory at Brigham and Women Hospital reported in the Nov. 12 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine that men who take beta-carotene supplements for an extended time have less cognitive decline and better verbal memory than those who do not. Dark green, yellow-orange fruits and vegetables such as apricots, carrots, peaches, spinach, and sweet potatoes provide the required dietary beta-carotene.

Other natural supplements beneficial to a man’s health are present in dried fruits and green leafy vegetables. Cabbage, broccoli, Lima beans, and green peas are good sources of iron, which helps make hemoglobin that transports oxygen to the body tissues. Extracts of ginger and turmeric boost the body’s resistance to both mental and physical stress. Whole, fresh garlic is beneficial to the immune system, against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

Regular Exercise

Heart disease is lesser among men who are physically active than in those who are sedentary, overweight or obese middle aged men. Cardiovascular fitness slows the process of hardening of the arteries, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, keeps weight down and reduces the risk of diabetes, reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol level, and puts aging at bay.

A good exercise begins with 5 minutes of stretching exercises and ends with 5 minutes of cooling-down stretches. Remember, the aim is to exercise 3 to 5 times a week, 15 to 60 minutes each time to build strength. Choose an exercise according to body strength, endurance, mobility, and cardiovascular-pulmonary performance. Start slowly and gradually increase the amount and duration of the workout.

Healthy Relationships and Social Interactions

“Distress promotes poor health habits and heart disease,” says Researcher Peter P. Vitaliano, PhD, of the University of Washington in the May issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.

Healthy relations bring about extra benefits. It enables a man to function at a high level of emotional health.

Spend time with family. Try to learn new hobbies and skills. Ballroom dancing, bonsai gardening, kayaking, or origami making are skills that make a man interesting and sociable.

Perform voluntary works. A good work is a clear statement of a vivacious spirit. Keep the mind active. The challenge for the middle-age man is to stay in touch with current events, to adapt to life, and to aspire for achievements—endeavors that are within his reach.

Healthy living helps reverse stress, and frustration that are part of middle age. Healthy relationships and social interactions can motivate men to practice healthy habits. In addition, doctor’s suggestions for diet, exercise, nutrition, and preventive health care can help prevent further health risks.

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Surviving Prostate Cancer More Likely if You Eat Fish Regularly

A study from a team of researchers in Montreal has found that having eaten fish regularly is helpful to men who go on to develop prostate cancer.

Along with a healthy lifestyle and early detection, there is a tool for helping men to survive prostate cancer that is easily obtained and, it would seem, highly effective: fish. Men who regularly include fish in their diet and contract prostate cancer, a study from McGill University in Montreal says, have a much great chance of surviving the illness.

The study found there was no link between eating fish and getting prostate cancer and no link between eating fish and the prevention of prostrate cancer. It only found there was a link between having eaten fish regularly and surviving prostate cancer. It was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in September and released to the public October 7 2010.

“In the United States, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer over their lifetime,” Dr. Konrad M. Szymanski, a lead author of the study, told Reuters Health reporter Anne Harding. “One in six of these men will die of prostate cancer. Our study findings suggest that the number of men who die once diagnosed is lowered by more than 50 percent among men eating lots of fish.”

Regular Fish Consumption in Men

Dr. Szymanski, of the McGill University Health Center in Montreal, Quebec, and his colleagues found that after looking at the data from 31 studies that included a total of hundreds of thousands of patients, men who ate fish regularly were 44 percent less likely to develop end-stage cancers.

“All we can say is eating more fish can have some benefit. How many servings of fish or how many grams needed a day, unfortunately we cannot say,” he said.

The study speculated the reason for such a dramatic reduction in death-risk from prostate cancer may be the fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. Fish oils have an anti-inflammatory effect that may help fight cancer from progressing to fatal stages, the report suggests. It did not analysis fish oil supplements but other studies suggest fish oil supplements are helpful in slowing cancers down by reducing inflammation, though more research needs to be done in this area.

Prostate Cancer can be Beaten

“Prostate cancer is a very common disease,” Dr. Szymanski said. “If we can possibly introduce a relatively cheap and easy-to-implement policy that could have even a small impact on how this disease affects men, we could make a very big impact overall.”

In the United States prostate cancer takes the lives over 35,000 men yearly and is diagnosed in over 200,000 men. In Canada 25,000 men are diagnosed with the illness and some 4,200 die from prostate cancer yearly. Lifestyle is considered an important component in preventing prostate cancer.

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Tips to Increase Metabolism in Men Over 40

Men over 40 often try to find excuses to justify an increase in weight or a decline in fitness:

“I just don’t have the energy I used to.”

“I used to be able to eat just about anything, but my metabolism has changed.”

 What is metabolism, and is there any way for men over 40 to boost levels of metabolism they might have had when they were younger?

Metabolism can simply be defined as the amount of energy your body uses to maintain itself. We understand that calories are units of energy. Your body burns units of energy, or calories, to process what we eat.

By analyzing their daily routine, men over 40 can make simple modifications and increase metabolism and energy levels by following these simple tips.

Metabolism, Men Over 40 and Diet

Men over 40 typically expend a fraction of the time and energy exercising than they did when they were in their 20s and even in their 30s. If you haven’t adjusted your eating habits and portion sizes accordingly, the calories you consume will naturally be stored as fat.

Simply put, men over 40 do not need to eat as much as they did when they were younger. Rather than growing vertically, men this age tend to grow horizontally.

One trick to an increase in metabolism is to eat foods high in fiber and protein. You naturally increase your metabolism as your body expends more energy, or more calories, trying to digest these foods. Men over 40 are aware of the heart-healthy benefits of a bowl of oatmeal. By not skipping breakfast, you increase your metabolism as you burn calories to digest your oatmeal throughout the morning.

You can even burn more calories consuming certain foods. A raw carrot contains about 20 calories. Eating and digesting the carrot burns about 25 calories. The same is true with most all raw vegetables. Naturally, consuming raw vegetables are an excellent way to increase your metabolism.

Another trick to an increase of metabolism in men over 40 is to restrict consumption of carbohydrates to morning and early afternoon hours when the body is more likely to burn these calories before they are stored as fat. Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day. Don’t eliminate potatoes, rice or pasta from your diet but consume these foods only at lunch. Reduce portion sizes at dinner and focus on grilled meats, fish, and poultry, served up with generous portions of salad and vegetables.

Modifying your bad habits can also assist men over 40 in their efforts to lose weight. For example, when you sit down to relax in front of the TV, don’t sit with an entire bag of chips but put a modest portion in a bowl. Some perceived “junk” foods are actually quite good for you. Air-popped popcorn is always a great alternative to potato or tortilla chips.

If dietary changes are too drastic or impractical to maintain, men over 40 will soon abandon healthy eating habits.

Metabolism, Men over 40 and Alcohol

Don’t be unreasonable and try to immediately eliminate all vices from your life. Alcohol, in moderation, can be quite beneficial for men over 40. In a report by the Mayo Clinic, red wine was identified as containing high levels of disease-fighting anti-oxidants.

If you’re watching the game with your friends, you might not want to be seen quaffing red wine. Have a beer, but drink a large glass or two of ice-cold water before you reach for your second or third. Not only will the water fill you up, it will also impact your blood-alcohol-content which causes us to overeat.

Metabolism, Men over 40 and Water

Consumption of water speeds up the circulatory system and facilitates an efficient discharge of toxins. When you drink ice-cold water you increase your metabolism as extra calories are required to warm up the ice-cold water as it circulates throughout your body.

Metabolism, Men Over 40 and Exercise

When you were five years old and started playing Little League Baseball you likely heard your coach say: “No Pain, No Gain.” As true as those words were at 5, they’re especially true for men over 40.

A recent article in the Charlotte, South Carolina Post and Courier identified that exercise stimulates metabolism as it “is key to keeping the metabolism fire burning hot because it not only strengthens muscle, but also stimulates natural growth hormones and testosterone.” Simply put, muscle burns more calories than fat. Strengthening and toning muscles increases metabolism.

Increase metabolism by aiming for at least three high-intensity workouts each week. Your body reacts in the same way as when you unplug a fan. The momentum propels the blades to remain in motion for some time afterwards. You can increase your metabolism with an early morning workout on an empty stomach. After a high-intensity workout your body continues to experience an “after burn effect” where an increased metabolism results in continued calorie consumption.

Men over 40 can Increase Metabolism by Spicing It Up a Bit

I apologize if you thought this section would be about sex.

The Livestrong Foundation identified that men over 40 can increase metabolism by adding spice to foods they eat. Spicy foods contain chemical compounds which increases metabolism. Adding chopped red or green chili pepper can boost metabolism levels by more than 20%. Though the effects are not long-lasting, the benefits can be ongoing by adding a little bit of spice to each meal.

If there is any correlation between an increase in metabolism in men over 40 and sex, participants in these studies have been somewhat tight-lipped.

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How to Stay Healthy all day With a Balanced Breakfast and Snacks

Staying healthy can be hard. Between long work hours and stress on top of the demands of one’s family, it’s no wonder people are struggling mentally and emotionally, which can lead to the deterioration of a person’s physical health.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. People can manage themselves day-by-day with a routine that covers half a day and carries over into the rest of it. The key is how a day begins.

Start the Day With a Micro Workout

How one starts his or her day is crucial. If one’s first inclination is to grab a donut, it’ll only be a a few minutes in the office before a cup of coffee is needed. This is because sugar and caffeine are substances that people come to depend on.

However, when a person does a small workout (or a micro workout) the body can become invigorated as blood pumps more steadily, one’s muscles swell up, and a little healthy adrenaline comes to sharpen the senses.

A micro workout can include one, or a combination, of the following:

  • several minutes of stretches
  • toe touches
  • crunches
  • push-ups
  • squats
  • calf raises
  • boxing combinations
  • karate kicks

The best part of starting a day healthy is that just as a donut may lead to coffee, exercise can lead to a healthier breakfast.

Breakfast is a Very Important Meal

Properly fueling up for work should involve a healthy diet that consists of several food groups. Toast, turkey bacon, egg whites, and orange juice is a good combination. A bowl of cereal can do the trick as well.

After a small workout, it would be a waste to down a Diet Coke and all of its caffeine, or a regular Coke and all of its sugar and caffeine.

A balanced breakfast will include carbohydrates and protein. The carbs will produce energy until lunchtime while the protein works to stave off hunger while the energy is still there to burn. For those who enjoy eating, packing healthy snacks can make a big difference.

Pack Healthy Snacks for Work

As the day goes on it is important to remember that eating is important. While there are a lot of healthy snacks and 100-calorie-pack options, don’t forget that fruits and vegetables are snacks that really cannot be overdone.

Packing separate containers for fruits and vegetables can not only make the day more enjoyable, but it can also inspire co-workers to do the same. The latter is more of a peripheral bonus, but it’s great none-the-less.

The point here is that when the stomach is empty and the body needs food, it will call to be filled. After a small workout and a balanced breakfast, it is not hard to keep up the good work by snacking healthy. Afterward, and in between, it isn’t so bad to indulge a little. In fact, indulging is a good thing. It is when the indulgences are the norm that one can become unhealthy.

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Foods for Prostate Health

Approximately 50 percent of men in their forties experience prostate problems while one in 11 North American men over the age of 50 will develop prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

Fortunately, medical research has demonstrated that BPH and other prostate conditions and diseases can be prevented, reduced and treated by a variety of procedures, medications, herbal supplements as well as nutritional and lifestyle changes.

The right nutrition can protect the prostate and reduce the risk of disease. Early detection also increases the chance of beating prostate cancer. Physicians estimate that almost 80 per cent of all cancers can be prevented by making healthier lifestyle choices.

Foods that Prevent Prostate Disease

To reduce the risk of prostate cancer avoid saturated and trans fats and add foods that protect against cancers, such as tomatoes, soy, and green tea. Ripe tomatoes contain lycopene, a nutrient that is especially important to men because of its protective effects against prostate cancer. Unlike other nutrients, there are actually higher amounts of lycopene in cooked and processed tomatoes such as tomato sauce.

Soy contains isoflavones with specific anti-cancer activity and green tea is rich in polyphenols which prevent the formation of cancer-causing compounds and block the growth of prostate cancer cells.
Add nuts and seeds to your daily diet to significantly prevent and reduce prostate enlargement. They contain essential fatty acids and zinc, nutrients which inhibit the hormonal processes that cause swelling of the prostate. Unrefined, cold-pressed nut and seed oils such as flax seed, walnut and sesame seed oil are excellent sources of essential fatty acids. Fish oil has a similar, healthy effect.

Take a daily nutritional supplement that contains high doses of the antioxidant selenium (200 micrograms) and vitamin E (800 IU). Both these supplements have been shown to dramatically lower the risk of prostate cancer.

It is no surprise that prostate cancer is more common in western, developed countries, or that its incidence rose in the turn of the century when processed food containing hydrogenated and heat-damaging fats became more available.

Herbal Supplements for Prostate Health

Extracts of two herbs, saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) and pygeum (Pygeum africanum) have been shown to reduce enlargement of the prostate without adverse side effects. Suggested doses are 320 milligrams of saw palmetto and 40 to 80 mg of pygeum daily. Saw palmetto extract has also been combined with an extract from the herb nettle root, to successfully treat prostate problems other than prostate cancer. Consult a physician before using natural supplements.

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